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Some of the best new tools aren't actually "new" at all. They're existing tools redesigned with simple adjustments that have significant effects. The light bulb, for example, was not invented by Thomas Edison, but instead needed some of his expertise to make it last longer and be more efficient. Arthur Fry simply added a little adhesive to the back of tiny pieces of paper, starting the sticky note revolution (and creating one of my favorite office decorations!).

In a similar way, our latest feature is actually the result of numerous subtle improvements to one of our existing and most used features: the Schoology Gradebook. Each added component is a strategic decision made to give you more of what you want in a gradebook and ensure your experience is better without changing too much, especially during the middle of the school year.

New or Old, You Have a Choice

We decided to make the transition to our improved Gradebook a little more subtle than most of our new feature launches. You have access to both the old and the improved version for a short period of time. Using the toggle in the top left corner, you can switch back and forth between the different versions without any consequences to your students' grades or other data. The Improved Gradebook is now your default and is designated by the tag Beta.

Keep in mind that when you switch to the old Gradebook in one course, Schoology will remember your preference so you can use the same version in each course.



You may also notice that Badges is now its own left menu item. Another slight tweak in the improved Gradebook is the Options menu, including Bulk Edit, Import, and other functionality, is now represented by the Gear Icon.

Please understand that we are in the process of sunsetting support for the old Gradebook, so getting familiar with this newer interface sooner rather than later isn't a bad idea. Though as I mentioned before, the feel will be entirely familiar, so you ought to be able to jump right into it.

Customize Your Gradebook View

Our improved Gradebook is equipped with sorting features that enable you to change its layout. You can still filter by grading period, but we have added the ability to filter by categories as well—such as Homework, Test, and Extra Credit. We've also added a option to let you sort the grade columns by due date (our current default order) or date created (newest or oldest first). The menu to sort by Grading Group has moved to just above the students' names.



Create Graded Course Materials

When you're perusing through your students' grades and it dawns on you that you need another assignment added to the mix, don't bother clicking the Materials tab in your left menu. Instead, just add it to the Gradebook using the materials menu at the top! Use it to create assignments, tests, quizzes, and discussions quickly and efficiently.



Using the Grading Column option allows you to add grades on the fly without going through the steps of creating new course materials. This options makes it easier to record paper assignments and assessments, add extra credit, and streamline your overall Gradebook workflow.

Keep in mind that grading columns are not course materials and will ONLY appear in your Gradebook and on your students' report cards.

Infinite Scroll and Floating Scroll Bars

We have now incorporated infinite scrolling into our improved Gradebook. This means that you can continue to scroll without reaching the end of the page—at least up to 250 students. The scroll bars also float with your view, so they are always readily accessible.

Autosave Everything!

Our improved Gradebook doesn't have a save button. Why? Because everything autosaves! Change a grade, add a comment, create an assignment, or sort by the most recent due date. No matter what you do, Schoology will make sure it stays that way—at least until you decide to change it again. You can tell that Schoology is saving by looking at the prompt that appears in the top right corner of your page. It will also tell you the last time it saved.


Now that I've laid it all out for you, it's your turn to try it out and see what you think. We are always interested in your feedback, so don't hesitate to comment below or reach out to us on Twitter (@Schoology). And if you have any questions, please reference the Help Center or reach out to the Support Team.


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Profile picture for Deb B
Mrs. B
Fantastic! Thank you, yet again Schoology, for being the BEST.
Profile picture for Marc Hunt
Marc Hunt
I have been using this today and really like the new design.
Profile picture for vinny viji
vinny viji
i liked it
Profile picture for Deb B
Mrs. B
1. 'all grades' now gone; I cannot see grades
2. cannot scroll down to see all students; 11 showing on screen and can't access the rest.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Mrs. B,

Do you have the same issues when you switch back to the old gradebook? Either way, it sounds like you should reach out to our Support Team via http://bit.ly/19YL76s

Profile picture for Deb B
Mrs. B
Thanks, Dylan. I'm emailing them.
Profile picture for Deb B
Mrs. B
oopie . . . forgot your Q. All is still well in the old gradebook; I've contacted support.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Great! I'm glad you have a working alternative. I'm confident they'll have it figured out soon so you can start taking full advantage of the new one.

Thanks again!
Profile picture for Robin Seneta
Robin Seneta
Wow-great changes
Profile picture for Mr.  Martin
Mr. Martin
I like the changes but have a question: If you change the "factor" for an assignment lets say from 1.0 to 5.0 it doesn't change the average. You have to change the grade for it to notice this factor change. Is this a known issue?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Not sure. I will relay that to our Support Team. In the mean time, you may be able to find your answer here at our Community Q&A forums: http://bit.ly/17UarXs

Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Mr Martin!

Good news: we've figured out what's going on and are taking steps to correct it. Also, a member of our Support Team will be contacting you shortly with more info.

Thanks again for the heads up!
Profile picture for Jimmy Bodden
Mr. Bodden
Schoology is the best
Profile picture for Emily Firkus
Ms. Firkus
everything i felt "annoyed" with in the last gradebook (all of the clicking!!) has been fixed! yahoo!
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Glad to hear it. As far as I can tell, everything in our New Gradebook takes at least one click less than it did before, which can add up pretty quickly as you know!
Profile picture for Derek Cribb
Derek Cribb
Great updates...thanks.
Any way to create a non graded/ non assignment column for book numbers and or locker numbers?
Profile picture for John Fitzsimmons
John Fitzsimmons
I liked the feature in Edmodo which allowed users to quickly create a graded assignment from within the gradebook without going through the hoopla of assigning a due date, selecting a category, etc. It would be a welcome addition in Schoology.
Profile picture for Deb B
Mrs. B
I just created an 'assignment' (in GBook directly) worth zero and titled 'Lockers.'
Profile picture for Emily Firkus
Ms. Firkus
Profile picture for Emily Firkus
Ms. Firkus
Mrs. B - when you put in a score of 7003 for that assignment, does it mess up the entire grade with a ton of "extra credit"? That's what it does for me!
Profile picture for Emily Hawe
Mrs. Hawe
Love the updates, but is there any way to see the category averages from the gradebook? I know I can see them when I click on individual student grade reports, but it would be really helpful to be able to see at a glance how all students are doing in each grading category.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Mrs Hawe!

Right now, the method you mentioned is the only way to view category averages. Feel free to put in a feature request here: http://sch.gy/19YL76r

That way you can get community backing, see if it goes into production, and follow its progress.

Profile picture for Angelique Contona
Ms. Contona
Love it! Reminds me of a paid gradebook I used to use...will never go back!
Profile picture for Rich MacLeish
Mr. MacLeish
still looking for the option to count unsubmitted assignments as zeros. If a student only has completed 1 assignment out of 20 (and got an 80 on it) they are failing... they dont have an 80 average...
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
You can manually put the zeroes into the gradebook to make sure it is representing your students' grades correctly, though I understand the desire for automation. Have you made a feature request (http://sch.gy/19YL76r)?
Profile picture for Emily Firkus
Ms. Firkus
And having this feature automated would be hard for me - I don't count unsubmitted assignments as zero, they just don't get those points towards their grade and have to prove they understand the concept on the test.
Profile picture for Joel Kersey
Mr. Kersey
Looks great. I can't wait for it to starting syncing with PowerSchool grades so I can begin using this gradebook for all my assignments.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Schoology syncs with PowerSchool already! In fact, the integration allows for automatic two-way data transfers. You can get more info here: http://sch.gy/1d0jzjG
Profile picture for Alan Patterson
Mr. Patterson
How about ProgressBook? I would like the ability to upload or sync the grades from Schoology to ProgressBook.
Profile picture for ARCHIE MCHARG
This is why schoology is so amazing!!! I did a workshop with my school a week ago and told them that there would be a slider across the bottom of the grade book soon so that they wouldn't have to go to the bottom to change assignments, and a week later there it is!
Profile picture for ARCHIE MCHARG
Now if we could get the ability to lock assignments in Bulk Edit, my other prediction would come true...
Profile picture for Evan Wolkenstein
Evan Wolkenstein
Nice. Well done.
Profile picture for Tiffany Fulton
Tiffany Fulton
The Beta gradebook is absolutely superior to the first version.
Profile picture for karen nigro
karen nigro
I cannot use the beta version. The overall grades are overlapping on top of the individual assignments.
Profile picture for Mr. Appel
Mr. Appel
I have the same issue when using Chrome for Windows. Works fine in Explorer, and also on any browser on my Mac. Easy bug fix I hope?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Karen,

We have just released a fix for the overlapping. If you continue to experience issues, please reach out to our Support Team (http://bit.ly/19YL76s).

Profile picture for Nancy Lennon
Nancy Lennon
By any chance, can the grades in Schoology be exported out to PowerSchool?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Nancy!

We have a PowerSchool integration (available for enterprise) where grades and other data automatically sync with the SIS. Much of your PowerSchool data would also automatically sync with Schoology. You can learn more here: http://sch.gy/1d0jzjG

You can export the Gradebook as an XLS/CSV file by clicking on the Gear Icon (the Options menu) and selecting Export. Many systems can import these files, though I can't speak for PowerSchool.

I hope this helps!
Profile picture for Lisa Henkel
Mrs. Henkel
Hey there,

When I switched to the *beta* version, the assignment names were there across the tops, but no scores had loaded. Switching back to the "regular" version, I could see the assignment titles with scores, but not on the beta version. Ideas?
Profile picture for Theo Dollenberg
Mr. Dollenberg
My gradebook splits into two with the names and overall grade at the top and the rest of the grades and scroll bars at the bottom. When I toggle to full screen it is fine. What is the problem?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Mr Dollenberg,

This sounds like something that our Support Team can help you with. They are definitely the ones to go to when issues like this pop up. You can contact them via http://sch.gy/19YL76r.

Profile picture for Theo Dollenberg
Mr. Dollenberg
Now it is even doing it in full screen mode. The columns for the assignment grades are not next to the student names. I don't know if it is something on my computer or if it is a schoology problem.
Profile picture for Bridget Kelley-Lossada
Bridget Kelley-Lossada

I love the new gradebook-- it is definitely going to be awesome! However, when I am in chrome it doesn't allow me (and others at my school) to see the complete gradebook. Instead it formats it to wrap around and push columns out of place so that you cannot effectively see students/add assignments etc. We have to use the old gradebook due to this. Are you aware of this? Is there a fix?

Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Bridget!

We are aware that some users are experiencing differences in layout while others aren't. You should definitely contact our Support Team about this so they can help you diagnose what's going on and give you more info.

You can always find them via our Support Center via support.schoology.com. You can submit a support ticket directly to them here: http://sch.gy/19YL76r

Thank you for bringing this up!
Profile picture for Kristin Cuddihy
Mrs. Cuddihy
Hi Dylan - any chance we can see a feature that allows us to see net points earned out of total points of all assignments? That's an old Gradekeeper feature that I miss...
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hello Mrs Cuddihy!

There is definitely a chance for that, but I am not the right person to help you out with it. I can, however, direct you to the right people--our Support Team.

Click this link to go to our feature request forum: http://sch.gy/192anV3. You'll be able to follow the progress of your idea easily.

Profile picture for Stefanie Morejon
Stefanie Morejon
the new gradebook is excellent. way more intuitive than the earlier version, and less room for error (ie, not saving something and then closing the screen). will save me a lot of time, so thank you!

only adjustment i would make is to be given the option to organize students by first or by last name... but that is a minor thing compared to the usefulness of the gradebook features!
Profile picture for Daniel Rains
Daniel Rains
I like the new grade book because it shows the whole marking period on one page, shows the marking period grade as well as the overall grade while scrolling through all of the grades, and allows me to add assignments while in the grade book without having to go to bulk edit. Overall, it looks much better.

The only reason that I returned to the new grade book is because the auto save feature didn't always save what I had entered. I changed some grades and waited for the student's average to change, but upon checking later, the grades were wrong again. I felt better having a way to know when the grades have been saved, and therefore preferred to have the "save changes" button. Any way that the auto-save feature has been improved in the last week?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Daniel,

Sounds to me like you should check out our Community Support Forum (http://sch.gy/19neFq7).

From there, you can peruse issues that other users are experiencing or even submit your own. This particular issue might already have an answer, and if it doesn't, then our Support Team will be able to help you out.

Profile picture for Fran Siracusa
Mrs. Siracusa
Good job on the new changes! We like them!
One issue, which is similar to another post above is the Auto-Save feature. I have found the same problem that it sometimes does not automatically save, and when I leave the page, and come back to it, the grades are incorrect. I switched back to the "old" version just to click on the "Save" button. It seems to matter when it comes to "how much time" you are on a page. When I enter grades for a whole class, it works fine. But if I am just entering a grade or two, it does not seem to work.
Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hello Mrs. Siracusa,

This is something that our Support Team can help you out with. They'll be able to diagnose the issue and take steps to resolve it. Please reach out to them via our Support Center's Community Forum (http://sch.gy/19neFq7).

Thank you and have a great Monday!
Profile picture for Jeruel Ibanez
Mr. Ibanez

I just started using this Schoology this 2nd Semester here in our school. I am test-running the system if it works for us in our university. So far it's great!

I have one important question, though, regarding the Grading System. We are using the Carrion Grading System, and I cannot seem find a way to have it work here in Schoology.

(Obtained Score divided by the Perfect Score) X 50 + 50 = Grade (Letter Grade)

Please HELP how should I make it possible.

Thank you and more power!

Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hello Mr Ibanez!

First of all, I'm glad your enjoying Schoology thus far. Secondly, you might be able to set up that grading system by creating your own custom grading scales in the Grade Setup area, but I can't say for sure.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Profile picture for Kem Morehead
Kem Morehead
I accidentally deleted a grade and before I could undo it, gradebook had autosaved. I don't know what the grade was. How do I undo something like that? Is there a way to see a previous version. I export occasionally to backup, but hadn't in the last week or so since this grade was entered. I have to say, I much prefer the power to save something when I want to.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Kem,

This is a question for our Support Team. You can reach out to them through our Community Forum (http://sch.gy/19neFq7) or by submitting a support ticket (http://sch.gy/1aOg8Xc). They should be able to help you out.

Profile picture for Stacy Collingham
Stacy Collingham
I also had problems with grades not auto saving this week. The screen said it had auto saved but the grades reverted back to the old grade the next time I opened the screen. I tried hitting "enter" after each grade and that had the same result. I've switched back to the old manual save, I prefer this method.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Stacy,

It is important that we diagnose and correct this autosave issue, because it won't be long before we transition solely to the New Gradebook. This issue seems to be case by case, so the solution that works for you may not work for others. That means that our Support Team will need to work with you individually to ensure you have a reliable gradebook in the near future.

Please reach out to them via https://support.schoology.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thank you for reaching out. Happy New Year!
Profile picture for Cat Evans
Miss Evans
Hello! For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add extra credit ! Please help.
Profile picture for Cat Evans
Miss Evans
Ah ha! If I simply make the task worth "0 points," I think then the assignment functions as extra credit. Am I correct?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Yes, Miss Evans, that is correct. As long as you don't give your students a grade above 0, it will not affect their overall grade.

We have also just released the ability to add a new grading column in the Gradebook without adding a new course material. To do that, just use the Add Materials option in the new Gradebook.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to our Support Team at http://sch.gy/1aOg8Xc.

Profile picture for Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee
So we should make a category titled extra credit? Or if we're doing total points, do we make assignments worth 0 and put the number of extra credit for each student?
Profile picture for Danielle Marolf
Danielle Marolf (Danie)
I am having an issue with coming back second semester. All of the overall grade averages for every student I have show as "N/A". They have disappeared completely. Help!
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Danielle,

I am sorry to hear that. You'll need to reach out to our Support Team by submitting a ticket (http://sch.gy/1aOg8Xc). They should be able to diagnose this issue and help you find a solution. They're REALLY good at what they do.

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience in this process.
Profile picture for Patti Walsh
Patti Walsh
great ideas. can we add a sort column feature that is just Draggable, so we can re-order the columns many ways at random times throughout the course?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
That is definitely possible. You ought to submit it as a feature request. Get some support from other educators and it may go into production.

Click here to submit a feature request: http://sch.gy/192anV3

Profile picture for Barry Levine
Professor Levine
Better not do the upgrade. Can't see any scroll bar! Had to go back to the old grade book in order to scroll through the assignments.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
Hi Barry,

Sounds like you should reach out to our Support Team. This newer version of the Gradebook will soon be the only Gradebook, so getting this issue taken care of sooner rather than later would be a good idea.

Submit a ticket and we'll help you get everything running smoothly. You can submit your ticket here: https://support.schoology.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Profile picture for Joe Martin
Joe Martin
Love the changes! Are there any plans to make the attendance page auto-save as well?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
This is the direction we're moving, though I can't say which areas of the platform it will affect. I'll keep you updated. :)
Profile picture for Gerald Gann
Coach Gann
Love the changes but still hoping for an easy way to find submitted material on the Gradebook page after I plug in Zero's and the "little lock" is in place. With over 100 items in the grade book and 50 students, I encounter a LOT of late work and would love to have the option of filtering the work I need to grade.
Profile picture for Terrance Reisch
Terrance Reisch
I have some students who only need to complete certain sections of the course and I would like to put something in the individual student's grade book to help them navigate through the course and those assignments they do not need to complete. What can I do to exempt individual assignment in our gradebook that doesn't make the assignments act like 0's? I'm still using the older version.
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
If you use the Individually Assign feature (http://bit.ly/NuMXUD) and Grading Groups (http://bit.ly/1qVMfzY) you easily assign work to the majority of the class--Group Majority, for example--that will not affect the grades of the students who need not complete it--e.g., Group Minority.

As for putting something in the Gradebook to help students navigate through a course, that we do not have. Using Folders as your course sequence, however, you should be able to provide plenty of guidance.

Does this all make sense?

If you have any other questions, please direct them to the Support Community (http://bit.ly/JDIaPn) or our Support Team (http://bit.ly/1cwbDVe).

Profile picture for John Smith
John Smith
Any way to get different badges? The badges mostly look like elementary/middle school. I would like some for high school as well! Any ideas?
Profile picture for Dylan Rodgers
Dylan Rodgers
You can always create your own. Check out this blog post and Help Center article to learn how:

Help Center Article--http://bit.ly/1k9PMr4

Lots of teachers at the high school level use the badges you can make in our platform. I'd suggest maybe reaching out via the Schoology Educators Group (http://bit.ly/1kwh11K) for more info on how they're using them.

Profile picture for Brenda Monroe
Brenda Monroe
Does either gradebooks let you weight the grades?